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Negotiation / Discounting of Inland Letter of Credit

Letter of Credit is one of the instruments to finance a trade transaction on short term basis. It is an important source of fund that lubricates trade between entities. It is the most secure and cost-effective option which allows companies to access timely fund flow and enables them to complete their transaction at the best possible terms. The companies also benefit from being able to utilize their Working Capital Limits more efficiently.

Process flow of Negotiation / Discounting of Inland Letter of Credit

Investeurs Effect

  • Investeurs extensive experience helps companies in negotiating complex formats and creating lines of credit with ease. Our ability to arrange the most competitive rate of interest available in the market through our bankers enables companies to drastically cut down their interest cost.

  • Our Customer service is first rate; be it timelines, commitments or code of conduct. To ensure an outstanding customer experience, we have created focused team at every level–

  • “Bill Master”, our proprietor software provides transaction related information at the click of a button. The software ensures secured maintenance of Client’s ledgers/transaction over the years. We have various levels of IT security in place to ensure that the client’s information is stored discretely with limited access.

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